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2013 Entries are open!

Posted by in Festival News | April 18, 2012

For the first time in the history of the Cape Town Tens, Entries are open in April! This has been done for a number of reasons, but primarily because we have some incredible plans to celebrate our 5th anniversary in 2013 in real style, and planning on all aspects of the tournament is already well underway much earlier than normal. We also hope that by opening entries earlier, teams have more time to:

  • Find sponsors and get monies raised
  • Design their kit (and ensure that it is delivered before Christmas holidays and avoid any last minute dramas)
  • Book and find the best travel deals available – plenty of news to come on this – and also a chance to plan the trip further in advance and consider extending their stay to explore more of what Cape Town has to offer, and also consider getting involved in the Charity Events around the Tournament – The SA Rugby Legends Charity Celeb golf day that takes place during the day on Thursday 31st January, and also the JAG Foundation and CNCF joint gala dinner that takes place on the Thursday evening
  • Prepare in general, and contribute to the vibe in the build up to the tournament through updating their progress and team news etc on our new website (of which we’re super proud) – more on that to follow once you’ve registered

The entry fee for 2013 will be R10,000 per team, for a squad of 20 this year (including players and management) and will include meal tickets, a set of 20 fully sublimated playing jerseys (to your design of course), physio and massage services, full medical support and facilities, all the water and sport’s drink you need, WP appointed referees, entry to the festival, exclusive player’s area for each Division, team beer specials, one helluva jol…and it’s our 5th birthday, so we have some exciting plans in the pipeline to celebrate, so keep an eye out for the presents we’ll be giving away!

As always, we’re confident that entries will be snapped up fast, and despite the fact that 2013 will see a record 80 teams participating, there are only 16 spots available in each of the 5 divisions, so expect them to be sold out quickly. Please avoid disappointment by registering as early as possible.

We’re implementing a strict, ‘First Paid, First In’ policy this year, so that all teams are treated fairly, but we are also thanking the teams that have played in all 4 previous Cape Town Tens tournaments by guaranteeing their entries as long as they are fully paid up by the 31st May 2012.

Please visit the Tournament Info Pack page for further information relating to the entry process etc, and we look forward to welcoming your team aboard in 2013 – just make sure you move quick!

2013 Tournament format changes

Posted by in Festival News | April 18, 2012

After the 2012 Cape Town Tens we did a comprehensive survey of the participants, asking them a series of questions and seeking comment relating to various aspects of the rugby itself, as well as the other facets of the tournament weekend. At the same time we also considered feedback from the referees and other officials, and of course our own observations over the last 4 years. The response we received was phenomenal, and it’s great to see the passion people have for the rugby through the way they responded with such fervor on the subject.

A number of common themes came through relating to the running of the rugby itself , and these can best be summarised, in no particular order, as:

  1. The desire for a later start time on the Saturday morning
  2. Clearer definition and stricter policing of the criteria relating to the playing strength of each Division
  3. More consistent officiating
  4. Better and more efficient communication relating to scoring at matches, updating of the logs, and knock-out match fixtures
  5. The desire for all matches in each division to take place on the same field
  6. A player’s area overlooking the fields
  7. A 3rd Beer Division catering for the purely socially minded teams
  8. More silverware to compete for
  9. Simpler format
  10. Stricter enforcing of punctuality of matches


There was also a number of other creative suggestions for areas of improvement, and every single reply has been considered, and you’ll be seeing a number of these implemented in 2013 – some quite radical, and some just a tweak or slight improvement on the way things have traditionally worked.

So in response to the above, the following changes, amongst others, will be implemented in 2013 – some details may change between now and the tournament itself, but in principal:

  1. Saturday’s first matches will kick off at about 10am (no more 8.00am starts!!!)
  2. Check the Tournament Info Pack for full details on the new Division criteria, and the enforcement thereof. Teams will need to sign an agreement committing to these criteria, and this includes the fact that all players will need to be registered in advance of the tournament, and in the case of the the Veteran’s Division, ID’s will need to be produced to confirm the 35year old age limit is adhered to.
  3. Officials will be assigned to each division for the duration of each weekend, and they will only officiate in that division. Each division will also have its own referee administrator who will oversee the officials, the disciplinary procedures, disputes, and score keeping in that division.
  4. Electronic scoreboards will be operated on each field, and scores will be uploaded electronically to our website immediately after each match. These scores and real-time updates to the tournament logs, and resulting knock-out fixtures will be broadcast on a series of TV screens throughout the event, and will be available real-time on our website and mobi-site which you will be able to access on your mobile phones.
  5. Each division will be allocated its own field, and a player’s area overlooking that field. Teams can then easily base themselves at one place, and keep an eye on their opponents!
  6. A 5th Division has been added in 2013 – The “We’re Mainly Here For The Beer” Division – this means that with 3 Beer Categories, and a clearer definition of the criteria of each division, that there should be a Division to suit all teams, and therefore ensuring less mismatches should occur. Again, please see the Tournament Info Pack for full details.
  7. Every division will have 4 prizes to play for – the Cup, Plate, Bowl, and Shield.
  8. Each division will have 16 teams, playing in 4 pools of 4, with all teams going through to the knock-out stages of one of the trophies up for grabs in that division. This ensures all teams are guaranteed 3 pool matches on the Friday, and 2 or 3 knock out matches on Saturday depending how far their team progresses.
  9. Each division’s referee administrator will police that field’s matches in terms of punctuality and duration, and teams will be deducted points for arriving late for matches.

Many other improvements and tweaks relating to the player’s experience will be made, and these will be hopefully enjoyed by all at the event!






2012 Festival review

Posted by in Festival News | April 17, 2012

16,000 visitors, 78 teams, 192 matches, Africa’s biggest beer tent, 5 huge bands, 2 amazing charities and one massive party – the numbers speak for themselves! But we also commissioned our most comprehensive participant survey ever, and it’s clear that people care and have a passion for the event!! The response was overwhelming, and we have spent a lot of time consolidating the feedback, facing up to the criticism we received, taking on the advice for new ideas and improvements, and in general doing our best to get a feel for what people want out of the event.

We can never please everyone, nor can we take on every suggestion and idea (there are many conflicting ones as it is!), but you will see plenty of changes in 2013, and we hope that they’ll add positively to your festival experience! The website is one of the early visible signs of these changes, and we hope you like it! Please do let us know your thoughts, and make sure you sign up to our newsletter, follow us on Facebook and Twitter – we’re going to be a lot more communicative during the year, and we’ll be making various announcements in the coming months on the new and exciting 2013 Cape Town Tens experience.

A selection of some of the 2012 stats and feedback

All answers are a %age based on participants responses

  • 88% have a facebook account
  • 43% have a twitter account
  • 85% are between 18 and 40 years old
  • 41% support the Stormers, 32% the Sharks
  • 86% of teams had at least 1 member respond to the survey
  • 60% gave the referees either a 4 or 5 out of 5 rating
  • 84% gave the Canterbury kit either a 4 or 5 out of 5 rating for quality
  • 61% of all participants came from outside the Western Cape
  • 64% of these spent 3 nights in Cape Town

Will we see you back in 2013?

  • Absolutely – wouldn’t miss it for the world! 74%
  • Almost certainly 22%
  • 50/50 3%
  • Not likely 1%
  • Forget it! 0%

Some comments and suggestions (answers exactly as supplied…spelling and all!)

What was your single best memory, best highlight or most positive experience of the Cape Town Tens?

The comradery !

Generally the good vibe!

I think the jersey makes the tens very special. It is like a souveneer.

Extremely important as the kit will be kept for years to come – happy memories and a momento for which the players have worked hard for

I love Cape Town and the Cape Town Tens, i think you guys that run it are doing a great job. i will, as always continue to help you spread the good word and getthe best possible players to help promote it for you.

Definitely the vibe, it was great!!

The buzz/ party / vibe / gees that was there. It was great!!

Bringing together of so many like minded individuals into one vibrant, positive, festive environment! Guys still love playing rugby and competing – important to have taht competitive side, even in the beer leagues.

All of it. My February gets planned around it as it is an event now I dont want to miss.

Must be the party hey, 3 factors that always make a winning combination – rugby, beer and mates.

The beer tent and light years were awesome, the band that played on friday night were monumental too!

The whole organisation across the board, from physios to live music, was just such a well run event

playing rugby with old mates

Too many to mention, Saturday night is amazing!

Comaraderie on and off the field

Almost, almost scoring a try!

honestly, that guy hitting the upright and claiming the cross bar to win the game! loved it!

Drunken stories of what happened to team mates the night before

Hot girls = EXCELLENT; Best vibes and easyness about the whole event.

“Getting to meet a great bunch of new mates who were all brought together for the weekend. Great “gees”

“Lokking forward to next year”

Those Numzanes are always a good laugh! The whole weekend is just happy and fab!

good rugby and absolutely the most beautifull woman and party vibe ever

Seeing the who’s who(legends) of the rugby world walking about .

Team camaraderie, fines meetings in the players only tent. Game against Bok legends.

It was nice that the legends and the Stormers playears interacted with the normal okes

To experience the team spirit of each team. The passion for the game and The fancy dress evening

Being able to mingle with ex-springboks and play against provincial players. Oh and the 3-tries I scored!

“Bob and Rob downing a beer with the team; Playing rugby after “retirement”

The dress up party & photo booth

The team spirit, and sportsmanship on and off the field.

Oh hell no the whole experience!!!! Its incredible.

The comraderie between the teams

The fact that it was well organised, there was good rugby, great weather and cold beer available.

The woman were the hotest things I have ever seen but I am scared I might forget them before next year, so maybe we should do 2 Cape Town 10′s per year

Their was no ugly girls. Well organised and I believe it will compete with the Hong Kong sevens from a party perspective shortly.

Die kids wat so lekker kon speel en die lekker kuier saammet die spanmaats en pelle

The parties at the beer tent!! Best weekend of my life!! Beer prices were perfect aswell..

The attitude of Staff in all the Medical Tents was brilliant

I play in the Vets categories and playing against the legends teams has been my favourite experience over the last 3 years. I get to play against guys that I have only ever watched on TV.

Worth mentioning is the medical care. Hurt my leg in our last game and the infield assistance, the doctor and the massage/strapping people were all great.

The awesome vibe that existed between opposing teams. A seriously good physio tent!

The amazingly beautifull girls, dont know where they all came from???

the organisation impresses us out of town bumpkins

The camaraderie of rugby players. just a great vibe amongst the players the whole weekend

the cameraderie and friendships renewed, just being there was great.

Fantastic spirit between all players. All I saw were smiles.

Great to play rugby with mates in a social environment against some old foes. The rugby was played in a great spirit. Haven’t seen so many beautiful women in one place for a while.

Too many to name. from the time I landed to the time I left was a pretty cool moment. The cover band on the Saturday night was a highlight. Also if you could keep the weather that way every year that would be nice. Great vibe, pretty girls, music, beer, tons of laughs (tearing up here). And for a lot of big guys on high protein diets getting very drunk was good to not see fights every where.

Goodluck was a massive highlight, Beer tent was outstanding

Team gathering and fines meetings

Being able to sit in both the team area and tented bar area as a team. We could make a space for ourselves and pretty much do as we wanted. Within reason!

Viewing my NUMZANs Motivational Speech on You Tube…and getting to share the jacuzzi with 4 mermaids in skimpy bikinis!!!

“The whole vibe was incredible, no aggresion in the beer tent.

Everyone was there for the same purpose to play good rugby and to have a good time. feedback from our team was incredible, not one complaint.”

I must confess – EVERYTHING! The vibe, the spirit, the atmosphere! Simply everything! Oh – and there is a little bit of rugger in between!

Everything!! Highlight of our year

The whole weekend was a highlight. But what stood out was there was no fighting, no brawling. Everyone just had a good time.

Most positive memory was the good quality of ref’s this year.

there’s too many! Friday opening party, meeting old friends from around SA, The chicks there are amazing, I felt safe for the duration of the tournament, nothing was stolen and i left my stuff everywhere. The MC i think actually made the wait between games enjoyable. Winning our quarter final in the Heavy beer plate division, furthest we have got so far. And doing it on the main field in front of the beer tent was a bonus!

Everything. Especially the UCT sport science team doing the strapping and massages. I wish I could give them better credit.

The commentator was hilarious

We won the Light Beer division!! On a more serious note, I think this was the best organized sporting event I’ve ever attended. The security and whole atmospehere was great -not even one off the field incident where blokes got stuck into each other! Things like that ussually makes an event unpleasant. The beer tent that closed at 00:00 is also a very good idea, we then just spill over to over watering holes, but at least the connectation with CT 10′s is positive! Oh and the fisio tent – excellent!!!!!

Seeing Scott Robertson do the Haka for the kids at the clinic

All round better fixture set up

Being able to walk around with a beer and not be restricted to a drinking only section.

Great vibe, good looking girls (have a miss wet tshirt next year please)

Partying with a lot of celebs, rugby and cricket players… The entire experience was awesome!

Fair prices at the bar!

getting the shit knocked out of my by Warren Brosnian

Unfortunately not the rugby…those girls in the Jaccuzis!

Had a great time and can’t highlight one specific moment. Had a all round good time ! There were alot of talent ( girls ) ! The moment when that guy kicked the post to win to car was awesome !!!

Our rugby player in the chicken suit doing forward rolls after setting up a try! Priceless

Nothing comes to mind, purely beacuse every moment was a highlight….every moment an unbeliavble memory! Just seeing all the different teams drinking together and just celebrating the beauty of rugby was a positive experience!

Best memories are always hanging with the men in your team and slogging a few beers while laughing at the chirps. The single best highlight was, for me, is when Sir Mallet won the car with the perfect place kick. I’m married and not allowed to mention the female talent that was on display. Was someone turning the overweights away at the gate?

The girls are amazing!! I’m going to meet my wife next year..

I was injured last year for the 2011 CT10′s so personally it was great to get a run on with my mates for The Wally’s!

Also, it was pretty awesome to see the Stormers & Cheetahs players attend on Saturday evening.

The amount of hot girls attending was terrific, But big up to you guys – The event was smoothly run with amazing features. Best jol on Fri + Sat – Perfect vibe created next to the main tent area. Well done.

“The lack of ‘policing’ – there was an easy going feeling to it, no one told me ‘you can’t do that’. The rugby itself was the most social i’ve experienced, with some teams shaking hands before and after the games. brilliant.”

Shaking hands at the end of every game where almost everyone was genuine in there thank-yous- regardless of weather they won or lost!

Oh I know at 31 this is going to sound extremely sad but my pic with Bob Skinstad was kind of cool… (I know! But once a fan, always a fan!!) Oh and just by the way, the way you guys handled the parking, FANTASTIC – took us only a couple of minutes to find parking.

The cheapness of the beer, and the awesome vibe in the beer garden